A blog post from ‘Miss March’ Charlotte Tenneson

This is a guest blog from artist Charlotte Tenneson, she may look small and ladylike but she is a powerhouse. We’d be lost without her.

“I joined WeAreBedford so early on that I was lucky enough to be at the first official meeting in the Pensieri Café and Gift Shop.  I knew a couple of people at this meeting, but mostly they were complete strangers to me …. but not now!!

I am an artist and a curator and, along with Kristian Purcell and Ollie Piombino, am managing two gallery spaces for the Castle Quay Weekender.  We put out a ‘call for artists’ and we were delighted to receive applications from a wide range of artists, both amateur and professional, old and young, traditional and quirky, and I will tell you a bit more about that later …

On Saturday 5 March we painted the walls of the galleries, with paint, brushes and rollers donated to us by SDC Construction Group – MANY THANKS!!   Kayte Judge arranged for a scruffy bunch of volunteers to arrive at 10.00 am to help us paint the walls; we actually asked them to wear old clothes; I am sure they wash and brush up well normally.  The paint was lovely and thick, just like the very best double cream, and went on beautifully.  Not just on the walls, but in our hair, our clothes and a few people even had it in their eyes (Kristian’s beard turned white too!)   I am so very grateful to all the volunteer painters, they did a brilliant job and they were good company too!!  It took about two hours to paint each gallery space and we were completely done and dusted by 3 pm.  I am a mother of two teenage daughters and I was definitely aware of my painting muscles the next day, despite a hot bath, wine and a few chocolates that night.

We have two handing in days for the artwork, this Saturday and the following Tuesday and then we will be ready to hang the work and open up shop for the Castle Quay Weekender.

I mentioned the artwork is wide-ranging and we would like to think that we have work that reflects the different people creating artwork in our local community of Bedford.  You can expect to see the Queen’s Head created in used stamps; a beautiful painting of blossom; a large multiple canvas piece created in situ with ink; talented photographic work; a sculptural self portrait in peas; delicate illustrations and collage work; paper sculptures; a traditional, Rubens inspired painting of a Drunken Silenus, a still-life painting of vintage crockery (that one is mine) and a lovely picture of a hedgehog by Max (aged 8), among many others and most of it is for sale.  All that has to be worth coming for!

Well, I have been inspired by the creative people I have met so far; all we needed was a little push and things have really snowballed (thanks Kayte and Erica).  I have so enjoyed being part of this event, meeting new people and the best part is yet to come on the 19 and 20 March.  I know I will feel a void when it is over … but will it be a one-off or shall we organise another?

I have more artwork on display at the Art Centre, Bedford; I am Featured Artist of the Month (Miss March, my husband likes to call me). Do pop in or check out this link

About goodthingsltd

I am a facilitator, a creative agent, and a supporter of innovation in organizations. I am interested in the use of metaphor, storytelling and corporate folklore.
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