Preparing the shops

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Things are really starting to happen at the not-so-empty-shops now.  The last few days have been a great example of people working together for the common good rather than the mighty dollar.

On Saturday morning a group of our volunteers met at Castle Quay to help us paint the gallery units. Some of the people had met each other before, most had not.  Within a few hours, white emulsion had replaced grey breeze blocks.   Chip had the foresight to come along in his camper van, so was able to provide a warming brew to the assembled helpers.  Charlotte’s two cakes certainly helped too!  While we were preparing the units, Kayte and Chip cracked on with spray painting the gazillion boxes kindly donated by Rajapack.  The stencils (the handiwork of Bonfire CI and Bedford Modern School art dept) look amazing!

This morning, further excitement as Jane Edden and her crack crew of Bedford College art students arrived to install the sculpture.  Almost simultaneously, the DSD guys turned up to deliver some of the council’s beautiful deckchairs which will provide seating for the acoustic stage and Linda Boy from Handmade Markets joined us to do a final measure-up of our craft space.   As if on cue, the Times & Citizen photographer was on hand to capture the frenetic activity, so let’s hope we’re back in the paper tomorrow!

All in all, while it’s been a hard slog getting to this stage, it lifts the spirits and makes your heart sing to see how much un-paid effort people have been prepared to give to this project.  Whether it’s painting a wall, designing our programme, coming along to busk, making a cake or even just telling your friends about what we’re doing, We Are Bedford is really living up to its name.  And we’re very proud.


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