A guest blog from Emily Finney founder of Bedford Burlesque

We are Bedford has many voices. This is a blog post from one of our local heroes Emily Finney, a young woman who brought Burlesque to Bedford through her Bedford Burlesque shows.


“I came across WeAreBedford on Facebook and was thrilled to find out all about them as these guys are doing something I am really passionate about, and that is making Bedford something worthwhile encouraging art, entertainment and excitement

As a proud Bedfordian like so many of my friends I despair when people walk past me and say ‘ Bedford’s crap I cant wait to leave’ and they are right but it is my experience that this is the case in most towns of our size and instead of moaning about it I believe you should take the bull by the horns and do something about it!

I understand from a personal and business level how difficult it can be to break through the ‘Bedford Apathy’. Through my own Burlesque events, I hope I have brought some pizzazz to the town and I plan to continue to do so in every manner possible, and I want to support others who approach the destruction of the apathy in new and exciting ways!

This is exactly what WeAreBedford and a dedicated few are trying to do. I for one have been amazed how many creative people have come out of the woodwork and how many people love a community event, this doesn’t feel like a one off either, it packs a punch, grasps peoples imaginations and shows you what you can do if you just grit your teeth and have the back up of amazing people! What Kayte and Erica have done is inspire people, which is an astounding achievement and they should be very proud!

I will be there to support the event along with all of Bedford I hope. Personally am looking forward to Esquires Acoustic Stage and the Craft Stalls and can’t wait to enjoy what is sure to be a great atmosphere and a fantastic weekender.

Guys…When you do the next one, count me in.”


(Emily– MD/Founder of Emily Presents (Bedford Burlesque & Bazaar and other fun things)


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I am a facilitator, a creative agent, and a supporter of innovation in organizations. I am interested in the use of metaphor, storytelling and corporate folklore.
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