With a little help from our friends….


It became apparent very early on that we’d need a fair amount of help if we were going to get the Castle Quay Weekender off the ground.


Once we started spreading the word, generous members of the Bedford community came forward to offer their help.  Willing volunteers joined our Facebook group and we got stuck into some good old-fashioned face-to-face networking.


Although Kayte & I seem to be pretty good at pulling everything together, we realize that our expertise in music promotion, art curation, craft market management and tour guiding is pretty limited!  Therefore, within about 2 weeks we’d created a ‘dream team’ in our minds of who we’d like to work closely with us to help bring the event to life.


Although we’d had one-to-one meetings with many would-be collaborators, we realized that to get round everyone in this manner would just take too long.  We’ve only got 9 weeks til D Day, so needed a more efficient way to communicate.


By creating an invite-only planning meeting we were able to assemble a crack team of willing and extremely able volunteers at Pensieri café last night who will help us steer our event in the right direction.


From marketing co-ordinators to administrators, art curators to ‘space managers’, we now feel confident that we have in place a superb  back-up team of people with the most amazing, far-reaching expertise who we are lucky to have in our town.


At the public meeting on February 3rd, we hope that even more people will be inspired to get involved.  Bring it on!


About goodthingsltd

I am a facilitator, a creative agent, and a supporter of innovation in organizations. I am interested in the use of metaphor, storytelling and corporate folklore.
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One Response to With a little help from our friends….

  1. Caryl says:

    I was at the meeting last night with a fantastic bunch of creative people pooling ideas, skills and resources. Congratulations to Kayte and Erica for inspiring so many to take part. This is going to be a wonderful event.

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